The Inaugural Post

Formalities first, welcome!

I’m Maggy, and I hope you aren’t terribly offended by the amount of pink all over the place. While it isn’t really in my nature to talk endlessly about myself, I suppose that’s the point of an introduction, isn’t it? So here’s the rundown of my entire being.

I love fiction. I love fantasy, creativity, and romanticizing the most mundane of everyday occurrences. I’m a realistic, an idealist, an optimist, and pretty straightforward. I can only give you this promise now, that my writing voice is as true to my genuine self as possible. One of my personal mantras is “as long as it makes me laugh,” and I do enjoy laughing at my own jokes.

Role playing games and tabletop games are among my favorite past times. I’ve always loved writing and fiction. I’ve DM’ed more games than I care to count, and played even more so. You’ll possibly be seeing some creative writing blurbs now and then. You’ll also notice some of my creative outlets are inspired by video games or fantasy.

My life has been pretty eventful. I’ve been a drama teacher, a wine-bartender, a dog rescuer, and one time I made cupcakes for Snoop Dogg. I’ve even touched the moon (even if it was a rock at a museum and the sign said “no touching”). But this past year takes the cake. I traveled to Japan with a backpack and a train ticket, stopped in Pennsylvania, met my sweetheart, and ultimately moved across the country into a new home. And while settling down is new to me, I’m sure it’s going to be another adventure in its own right.

Well that’s about all I can stomach to talk about myself for the time being. On to the good stuff, here’s what you can expect in this very scatter-brained blog! I consider myself an advanced crocheter, and I write my own patterns. I’ll post projects and lots of pictures! I also just assembled my first weaving loom, so I’m sure we’ll just see how that plays out. I’ll sometimes post what I call “quotable quotables” or things people have said which have stuck with me. There may be some writing advice, for both novelists and role players, as well as those who think about running tabletop games. And, undoubtedly, lots and lots of random craft projects. These first few weeks will probably consist of projects from my past, so pictures may be limited to what I had at the time.

If you’re wondering what crafts I do, hold on to your hat. I crochet, weave, paint (on canvas as well as miniatures, shoes, glassware, whatever), sculpt with polymer clay, work with epoxy, do stuff with wine corks, some jewelry making, upcycling, sewing, pin-testing (that is, testing things on Pinterest), and sometimes I can cook. I also collect carnival and depression glass, and I like to go do things with my dog. But hey, I don’t know where things will go, and I’m more of a ‘go with the flow’ sort of person anyway.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have fun with the site. I know I will!


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