Crocheting my Ice Cream!


So one of the biggest reasons I taught myself to crochet was to make custom plushies. Here’s the story behind one of my favorites so far, my Green Tea Ice Cream Amigurumi. It comes with lots of pictures and a free pattern! Who doesn’t love that?

~The Story~

Perhaps one of the quickest and most eventful turning points in my life happened a little over a year ago. In August of 2015, I took a spontaneous trip to Japan! And I mean spontaneous. It was a call to my long time online friend, Max, along with a little number crunching, and a booked ticket within about two weeks.


Along the way (or actually, well out of my way, but geography was never my strong suit) I took a detour to visit another close online friend, Zion. I went from California to Pennsylvania, with my flight to Japan booked for a few days later. Within those few days, much to both of our surprise, that friendly visit quickly turned into the beginning of a relationship that’s been going strong now for over a year. But, that’s a mushy love story for another time!


I spent three weeks in Japan. The first and last weeks were spent in Tokyo (Roppongi area) while the middle week, Max and I lived out of our backpacks and took the trains wherever we felt like going. Sure, planning ahead was probably the wiser thing to do, but as much as we tried, it always came back to stopping and going whenever we felt like it, to whatever looked interesting. I could fill a book with the experiences there, but one thing that made a lasting impression was…

~The Food!~

This little green tea ice cream with mochi balls and red bean paste was the last treat I got in Japan. A few months ago my heart ached, missing the country and that trip, so I fired up my hook and got to work.2016-11-10-14-21-04

I won’t pretend I didn’t waste quite a bit of yarn getting the cup shape right or achieving my ideal size for everything, but in the end, I feel pretty proud of this little guy! I managed to write down the pattern as I went, so that I could share it online for anyone else who has a sweet tooth for Japanese treats. They’ve always been my favorite candies, ever since I was a little kid walking down to the import store to pick out some new or interesting sweets.


So, I hope I helped you guys capture a bit of nostalgia, or at least got you to crave a little green tea ice cream!


Below is a link to my Ravelry page, where the pattern is listed as a PDF. (And if you don’t have a Ravelry page already, I strongly suggest it!) I also will do future posts on how to write your own patterns based on pictures of your own food!


Thank you so much for your time, and if you’d like to see more of my crafts, leave some feedback!

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