(Super Cute!) Basket Weave Crochet Pillow


Just sharing this super simple project that I worked on while binge-watching American Horror Story! (I always thought it was funny that crocheters can go three seasons of a TV show and not know what the characters actually look like.) So this is one of those patterns that’s great because you don’t have to think about it all that much, it’s just simple handiwork.

Here’s my finished product, made with Red Heart Super Soft in this light turquoise!

You’ll notice the back of mine is slightly different than the pattern. I do this with all pillows; rather than make two faces and stuff it, like many patterns suggest, I like to make one face and make the back a slip cover. This means you can take it off and wash it from time to time, and even use cute buttons if you like!

To make a slip cover, just DC across until you’re 3/4 the way across the length of the pillow. Do this again, and then sew or SC all three pieces of fabric together so that the back two overlap. Add a button if you want and insert the pillow form, then you’re done!

Here is the free pattern from Joann’s.


Feel free to ask questions, leave feedback, or share your own version of this project in the comments!


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