¡Sugar Skull Pots!

This painting project is major adorable and pretty straightforward. Just a reference image of a sugar skull you like, a terracotta pot, some multi-surface paint, and outdoor sealant! Made these as a gift for my mom in an afternoon.

What you can’t see is that before I painted the outsides white, I used colored spray paint to coat the inside in bright different colors (I had a mild obsession with spray paint for a while, there…) but you could of course use any multi surface paint you have on hand. I think they’d look really good with spider plants or something that looked like crazy hair, or a succulent array to match the desert theme. Embellish with gems like I did, or whatever else you want!

Imagine making a ton of these with many different sizes, like those teeny tiny pots that come from the craft store, or stacking them up like this amazing planter! Your imagination is the limit.

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