Hand Woven Cotton Towels!

So call it weird, but I’ve been super excited ever since I got a loom by the idea of making tea towels. Not even decorative or fine towels, just cotton towels. I love feeling connected to home goods, like using handmade or specially collected pieces. Anyway, if anyone else is particularly excited by little towels, and isn’t sick of me posting about my loom yet, here’s the finished product!

This was my first time working with cotton, and with making multiple items on the same warp. I hemstitched, and eventually sewed a zig-zag stitch down each side. Rather than fold and hem, I decided to just keep the short fringe on the edges. It’ll fluff up nicely once they’re all washed and dried. These are just one of the sets I plan to make for various family members, and I’m so happy with how they came out!

The biggest learning curve for this pattern was doing a waffle stitch! I used a pick-up stick for the first time, and I constantly made the same error in following the pattern, but hey it’s a great skill to have learned. It really opens up a whole new world in weaving on a rigid heddle loom like I have. The stitches look loose here since I took these before they were washed and dried, but they did fill out and the fringe fluffed up super cute. They also didn’t shrink the way I thought they would, so they’re nice big dish towels.

If you’re interested in learning the waffle stitch or practicing with pick up sticks, this was the tutorial I used. Mine look big and bulky since I used worsted weight yarn just from the craft store, but it only took me one ball each of the green and orange, and two balls of the cream color in Lily and Cream cotton. All in all I’m calling this a success! I’ve learned some new tricks online for making towels in the future, so I can’t wait to test those out and see how my style progresses. But for now I think the loom needs a little break!


One thought on “Hand Woven Cotton Towels!

  1. I have a huge floor loom, just because they are actually cheeper to come by here in Sweden, than even a table one, Id like a foldaway one, so I can use the space, but still I love it. Its a Glimåkra Ideal called Vera. 🙂 And I definitely have “learning the waffle thingie” high on my list of things to learn. Your tea towels looks great!


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