Loom Addiction

So why the sudden dip in activity here? Well blame the loom. I’ve been non-stop weaving since I figured out how to wrap a warp. Here are my next couple of projects!

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I wanted to experiment with color changes and funky yarn. And while I’m still far, far, FAAAR from perfect, it’s been pretty fun!

The plaid scarf is done in the following color pattern: 4 blue, 2 white, 6 red, 2 white, 8 blue, 2 white, 6 red, 2 white, 4 blue. It’s acrylic, which I don’t advise due to the way it can slip and pull funny, but it was good for a cheap practice piece. Obviously I’m not selling things yet.

The other scarf was done to see if you could use yarn with varying size. I found it a really cool effect, and I totally love it. Though if you look closely, you’ll see the world’s worst attempt at hemstitching.

Hemstitching is one way to keep your ends structured and it can make your piece look more finished. Or in this case, make it look super jacked up and novice, but hey that’s what learning is for. For an awesome tutorial on hemstitching, here’s the link to a good Craftsy guide.

I have an entire drawer of my dresser devoted to scarves during the winter, and it looks like most of them are now handmade. I also keep my little thrifted or vintage scarf pins in there. I’m pretty proud of it!


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