Why “Funny” is Not a Character Trait

Character creation is my favorite part of any type of writing. Novel, short story, or role playing, characters are always the entire reason I read or write. Plot is ok, setting makes a huge difference, and you have to have a good theme, but we fall in love with characters. But something has often bothered … Continue reading Why “Funny” is Not a Character Trait


My First Floral Arrangements!

So there's bin a recent dip in activity posting, and that's pretty much because I took a job at Michaels Arts and Crafts (again). I was a crochet instructor and sales associate there in California, and now in Pennsylvania I figured it was something familiar to go back to. Shortly after I started up, the … Continue reading My First Floral Arrangements!

Hand Painted Heraldry Glasses

Quite a few of my interests over the years have involved custom heraldry, from D&D characters and fictional families, to the SCA kingdoms, to history in general. Heraldic symbols have distinct meanings, and each family crest tells you something about a family's history. In fictional settings, the Coat of Arms that a character or a … Continue reading Hand Painted Heraldry Glasses

10 Things to Avoid While Thrift Shopping

Thrift stores have become a second home to many crafters. I've loved and resented them for years, learning my lessons from the school of hard knocks. If you're interested in tapping into this inexpensive DIY resource, or if you just enjoy walking the aisles and seeing the potential in second-hand objects, take a look at my list! Hopefully it will give you some tips and advice for having the best possible thrift store experience ❤

Upcycled Sweater Blanket (by someone who sucks at sewing)

I'll openly admit it, I'm terrible with a sewing machine. Something between my poor measurements, lack of practice, impatience for pinning, and the pure intimidation I feel toward actually cutting fabric, somehow my projects just don't turn out right! But I'm glad to say that, at least in the eyes of this novice, my sweater blanket turned out pretty cute. So for my layman's tutorial, as well as a link to a much better tutorial, come check it out!

Writing Fictional Characters: Interesting vs Developed

This post is going to talk about the difference between fictional characters being interesting versus being well developed. While some interesting physical attributes may contribute to your character, relying too heavily on these attributes can actually make your character stale. This post focuses on one of the most overly used tropes of this phenomenon: Scars!