Farmer Jeanie Crochet Doll


My first written doll pattern!

I’m so excited to share with you guys the first original doll pattern and design that I’ve published!

So I had this idea to make dolls that could range between the more traditional girl toys like princesses and faeries, to empowered careers and lifestyles! Farmer Jeanie is just the first step. I’m hoping to have a full eBook written with these dolls soon, but for some motivation along the way I’m posting the individual dolls as I make them.

I’m so in love with how she came out!


Special shout out to the inspiration for this doll, my baby sister Olivia who LOVES the farm near her house! Perfect little dolly for any girl who loves farms, gardening, or just working with her hands. Girls can play just as dirty as boys! (and be super adorable doing it)

Thanks for checking out this page, and if you would like to support me and make your own Farmer Jeanie, the pattern is available on my Etsy and Ravelry pages!


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