Belt Buckle Necklaces


Sometimes I get super excited by random Pinterest links. This one is one of the coolest ways I’ve seen to upcycle thrifted belts! More specifically, the belt buckle.

The idea came from Joan Williams, whose Etsy store isĀ listed here.

So I headed right out to the thrift store and picked up these babies. I’m sure I’ll find use for the rest of the belt material, but for now, I harvested the buckles.


Once I cut the straps off, I got out what jewelry supplies I had, plus some turquoise I thought would match the Western theme.


I won’t pretend to be a master jeweler, but with the few skills I have, I managed to get these guys done! And I think they’re pretty cute, for big ol pendants.




Not too shabby! Let me know what you think, and be sure to follow me on Pinterest!


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