Embroidered Cactus Collar!


Embroidered clothes are crazy cute right now. Shorts, denim, tees, all sorts of things are having a bit of new life breathed into them with this ancient craft. I love the mixing of modern and traditional styles, plus it seemed like the kind of thing I could do in an hour, so I tried it out myself.

I’ve been working on a pair of shorts but let’s be honest, my attention span is NOT that great. So I took a break from them to work on something much simpler, this little detail on a white collared shirt from the thrift store.


What better way to let people know not to touch you than to show that you are covered in a thousand tiny spines?

For real though, this was really easy and took maybe an hour or so. I just used a pencil to do a quick sketch, then back-stitched with black embroidery thread. Here are some closer images of the individual designs.


And the finished product again!

As always I like to give a shout out to the thrift store. If you’re thinking about trying this out yourself, give thrifting a chance! You could even use shirts in other colors, or colored floss too. And for more thrifting and crafty inspiration, follow me on Pinterest!

I know that little promo gets old, but if I can plead one little call to action, please check out my Pinterest and pin things you liked. At this time Knotty Magpie is VERY small, and the only way it will continue to grow is by sharing what you like to see. So please go out and pin anything that’s relevant to you, and get the word out! Use the board linked above to find all my posts in pin-friendly image format ❤ thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Embroidered Cactus Collar!

    1. Lol it’s bolder than I’d usually wear too, but I may be starting a job soon where I have to wear a uniform shirt so I thought this would be fun to wear under it. Maybe splitting the floss into 2 strands (as opposed to the usual 6 they come in) would make it less bold? May help with how the left image ended up puckering a bit too. Thanks for the feedback!

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