Floral Arrangements 4/10

So the theme at work has been many, many wreathes. I love it though; I walk in and just don't stop doing things until the shift is over. I rearrange all the wreaths and table pieces, organize them by color and season, and fill in anything we need. So here's the latest batch of artificial … Continue reading Floral Arrangements 4/10


Remembrance Floral Arrangements April 6th

Spent the last two days making a lot of artificial floral remembrance pieces. Ground pick arrangements, floral grave saddles, etc. Easter seems to be the season for leaving nice flowers for loved ones. These two are some cemetery cones made with pink lilies and Easter picks. Pardon my arm being in the pics, I couldn't … Continue reading Remembrance Floral Arrangements April 6th

Crochet Painting: Japanese Ramen Bowl

This is probably my favorite thing I've ever made. The idea is you take an image, then use crochet to recreate it two dimensionally, like a painting. Yarn painting can be done without crochet, but what fun is that? There are different methods, for example you might make a yarn painting as one continuous piece … Continue reading Crochet Painting: Japanese Ramen Bowl

Floral Arrangements April 4th (Spring Wreaths!)

Today's batch of arrangements was made to fill our handmade wreath wall. The first four are spring, the last is just "classic" meaning year round. Yellow lillies, ranunculas, and a bush of random spring flowers make this asymmetrical wreath. This very floral wreath was made from a spring base with little pink flowers, as well … Continue reading Floral Arrangements April 4th (Spring Wreaths!)