Floral Arrangements April 2nd

Tried out some new stuff at the floral counter today. Still having to wait to fully transition into the job, but it’s so close! Today I had time for two arrangements.


I knew I wanted to use red poppies for a remembrance piece given their meaning to Veterans. This is the season that people like to leave nice flowers for their loved ones, and I figured plenty of people may be looking for something to remember a veteran. Thus the yellow ribbon and the red white and blue theme, too. The S-shape is something I borrowed from my sister, who has a great eye for beautiful floral shapes. I’ll definitely keep working on the S-shape with these crosses. But I did learn a bit from this, too. For one, the brightness of the poppy isn’t really in sync with the darker, smaller flowers. It gives a plastic look in pictures because of this. In the future, I’ll make sure my actual design is as good as the idea behind it. It’s a good reminder to remain aware of what’s in front of you, as opposed to what’s in your head.


This was just to make a classic tabletop using the “tropical” section of the flower aisles. I had the reds in when I decided it needed one more focal point, where the orchid came in. I tend toward splaying, wild designs that don’t look clumped together or unnatural. That being said, I feel like a bit more filler flowers may have improved this design. But I still think it works for people who prefer more greenery to flowers, and an appealing though less organized design. I do love asymmetry and I feel like the tall sprays are a neat way to balance the weight of the flowers.

One thing to always remember when working with greenery is to make sur eyou fluff it out as much as you can into a good shape. I used an already arranged green tabletop (the kind that comes in boxes by the dozen) and added the flowers and branches. But I took the time to really play with the greens first; otherwise they’d look clumped and plastic.

Still a learning process! I swear I didn’t even want to take my break today I was so into the job. Can’t wait till it’s my official position!


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