Crochet Painting: Japanese Ramen Bowl

This is probably my favorite thing I’ve ever made. The idea is you take an image, then use crochet to recreate it two dimensionally, like a painting. Yarn painting can be done without crochet, but what fun is that? There are different methods, for example you might make a yarn painting as one continuous piece of fabric, simply changing colors and texture as you go. I worked in layers, choosing to make each piece of the ramen bowl and then sew them together. In the end it’s free hand crochet, which is an incredible way to work without limits, and any way that works is just perfect for you.

Qpq6tLb - ImgurLDceeqH - Imgur

Above is a photo from my Japan trip, taken at a wonderful ramen shop in Roppongi. Honestly, I could eat ramen every day and not get sick of it. Every shop had its own recipe and every recipe was incredible. I even became obsessed with recreating authentic ramen when I came back to the states (marinated soft boiled eggs included) and it’s one of the best meals we have on a somewhat regular basis.

Below is my crochet painting, done entirely free hand. I made the soup and bowl, giving a little distortion to show point of view. I made a vaguely pork-shaped piece, then slip stitched around it to add some texture. I made the front and back eggs by making ovals and slip stitching the edges. Then the bamboo shoots and greens were simply chained and single crocheted. The noodles are long continuous chains in yellow, and lastly, two knitting needles serve as my chopsticks. Then I made the back, just a simple double crochet rectangle, and stretched it over a canvas. I hot glued the edges and the corners, holding them taught. I love to hang this in my kitchen, it’s definitely a conversation piece!

I believe this can be done with nearly any photo, but food might be the best place to start. Simple shapes, pleasant colors, and easy to free hand. I’ve even considered writing a digital book on how to get started. Let me know what you think!


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