Easter Bath Bombs

We had a bit of snow a while back, and used the day to make bath bombs! Turns out they’re a lot easier than I thought, but we had one problem… You get the round shape of a bath bomb by using a christmas ornament that comes apart. The solution?

Easter eggs!

Our bath bombs are cute little colorful eggs perfect for springtime luxury. The eggs snap closed and did a great job as molds!

Yeah, I’m way too Californian to get used to this kind of weather.

Attempt #1: The Nope Series

So I went with lavender and rosemary, and made them a rosy pink color. But we were confused about the recipe, assuming it was too dry, so we added quite a bit more liquid. Oops!


As you can see, they stayed very soft to the point I could mush them with my fingers. What you don’t see is that they also expanded! So when I filled my eggs even only halfway, they expanded and kept popping open! I eventually just put them in a muffin tin where they could expand to their hearts content. The good news?


Still fizzy! Somehow they still fizzed like normal bath bombs and dissolved completely, making the water a beautiful, shimmering pale pink. I just need to use twice as many since they’re mostly expanded air.

Attempt 2: Perfect “Cinderella” Bombs!


So named for the beautiful blue color and sparkles (yes, sparkles). This time we got it right and they fizzed for a good long while! And they really fizzed, too. Who doesn’t love fizzy bath bombs?

They made the water this gorgeous indigo blue, while the glitter came to the top. And of course, it stuck to your skin too, but isn’t that the point of glitter bombs?

I used DoTerra essential oils because they’re what I had on hand. A pricey brand, but what I prefer due to their very high concentration. (As opposed to 6 drops of oil like some recipes suggest, I used only 2 or 3 for DoTerra and it’s plenty enough.)

There are tons of Bath Bomb recipes available online, but we used Epsom salts and avoided cornstarch like this recipe from Naturally Handcrafted.

Great stuffers for Spring gift bags or Easter baskets, especially for older girls who want something more grown up, or kids who love bath time. Also a nice way to give your mom something back for making all your baskets over the years!


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