Floral Arrangements April 4th (Spring Wreaths!)

Today’s batch of arrangements was made to fill our handmade wreath wall. The first four are spring, the last is just “classic” meaning year round.


Yellow lillies, ranunculas, and a bush of random spring flowers make this asymmetrical wreath.


This very floral wreath was made from a spring base with little pink flowers, as well as some pink wisteria and these warm pink and orange roses.


This wreath was made using the same base as above, but instead with green flowers and with a pastel pink bow for the focal point. Love the green and pink flowers together.


Sometimes I have to decide what to do based on what colors we need restocked. This was to fill a gap in the red section. Large red dahlias and red tulips were used to make this warm silk flower wreath.


This blue and creme colored wreath is meant to be a modern asymmetrical wreath. I love the colors you can get from artificial floral arrangements, like these blue roses. I may add a few more sprigs to fill it in, but for now it’s just simple and dreamy.

That’s all for today!


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