Remembrance Floral Arrangements April 6th

Spent the last two days making a lot of artificial floral remembrance pieces. Ground pick arrangements, floral grave saddles, etc. Easter seems to be the season for leaving nice flowers for loved ones.


These two are some cemetery cones made with pink lilies and Easter picks. Pardon my arm being in the pics, I couldn’t really rest them on the counter.


Two more floral cemetery cones using calla lilies. The first in addition to white Easter lilies and some primroses, the second with a blue and green arrangement.17795816_1302968126453190_7003588033686203502_n17759948_1302968346453168_5511855756235778098_n17760173_1302968309786505_3362071015299091966_n

Some saddle arrangements. The first is meant to be neutral, green and white with calla lilies and greenery. The second has off white dahlias, roses, and pink wisteria. I love wisteria, and I liked combining the soft pinks and whites with the more vibrant sunset pink. And the last is a blue and white arrangement with lilies and blue hydrangea.

I actually enjoy making the saddles a lot. As long as you do the same thing on both sides, it looks very well rounded and organized. Then my touch is to through in some vertical branches and make sure everything is nice and natural looking. So I develop my style a bit more I’m finding I tend to prefer big whispy arrangements that don’t look too organized.


Aaand bonus purple wreath I was really excited about because I’ve been dying to use the pansies before they went out of season. This weekend should be all about summer florals as Spring gets transitioned out. And I thought the fluffy branches of whatever that is added a neat texture and visual interest, though it doesn’t translate as well to cellphone pictures.

That’s all for today!



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