Floral Arrangements 4/10

So the theme at work has been many, many wreathes. I love it though; I walk in and just don’t stop doing things until the shift is over. I rearrange all the wreaths and table pieces, organize them by color and season, and fill in anything we need. So here’s the latest batch of artificial flower wreaths!


Blurry photo, sorry. I take these at work in a hurry. So pinks and magenta, roses, hydrangea, and snapdragons. Use cool toned greenery for a more classic feel. And I love the sloping shape.


The last spring wreath of the season, complete with gingham bow, white forsythia, and mini red tulips. I really like flowers that spray out wildly, it’s like symmetrical but also natural.


My personal favorite of the day, this tropical floral wreath with two birds of paradise in the center.


I also made some sets of half wreaths and a full wreaths, both to speed up production and to give people options. I mixed lilies and deep red hydrangeas with white magnolias and tropical greenery for these wreaths.


And lastly these very old fashioned, classic style wreaths I made with magnolias, dusty pink roses, hydrangeas, and peonies on a cool toned base. The pastel pink bow on the bottom one just femmes it up even more.

That’s the latest batch, let me know what you think!


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