Book Full of Flowers

I was inspired by this post by Prunier (which also includes a nifty how-to diagram) to make these cute little arrangements! They were much easier than I thought, although I used artificial flowers in my arrangement. I work at Michaels and I have these out on our Mother’s Day display (along with some other fabulous pink things).

I used those pretty decorative boxes that look like books, but you could use a real book if you hollowed out the middle. Here’s what I ended up with!


I’m actually going to let you guys in on a secret to super easy arranging. A lot of times, in the seasonal section, you can find bushes of flowers that are already arranged with a variety of blooms! If you’re intimidated by arranging your own set of flowers, just grab one of those bundles and the hard part is done. Clip them down to size and look like a pro!

I love how they just come pouring out of the box or peek out from under the lid. Go try it for yourself! Use real flowers and swap them out for a fresh look every week, or use silk flowers for something that lasts all spring. Definitely a unique way to display flowers!


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