Earth Mandala Crochet Bag

After a brief hiatus, I’m back! With a bag! Really, I’m happy to say my short period of inactivity is over, and I should be back to posting regularly. In short, I’ve been working a LOT. And lest my entire blog become flooded with artificial flower arrangements, I figured I’d give it a break until I could drum up some cool new crafts.

I have a ton of ideas for new crochet stuff. Right now I’m working on a set of mandalas based on the four elements, which can be made into purses and other cool stuff like that. I’m not sure if I’ll do a set of 4 mandalas per element and sell 4 different sets, or if I’ll just do one of each element in one set, but I definitely want to include the purse pattern with whatever set I do.  (And I’d love your feedback on this in the comments!)

Anyway, here’s my Earth Mandala Bag. I think it’d be cute as festival wear or for a casual circular bag. It’s 100% cotton, which I love for purses since it holds its shape really well. The strap is a braided chain and I used metal fixtures for the sides. So sorry no pattern yet, but if you love the bag it’s also available for sale on my Etsy page!





Short hair don’t care! ❤ The process for this bag has been pretty fun. I actually really enjoy working in the round, and tweaking things until they lie flat and doing the math of repeats and round increases. I must have redone that cabled leaf detail at least five times. The only hard part was the strap, which I was sure I wanted to be tunisian with that pretty woven texture. But of course, being tunisian, the edges curled and so I ended up doubling down rather than frogging. I tried making the strap twice the length so I could stitch it together and flatter the fabric, which just make the part around the fixtures look ugly. Nope! Just goes to show that sometimes the most satisfying thing in the world is cutting your scissors right through the project you’ve toiled over for a week, so that you can start over with a much better idea. And yeah, I spent a whole week on that strap alone. So I like this quick, easy braid MUCH better. And it looks better, too! Never be afraid to hack something up and try again if you end up hating it!

And while I know it’s been a dip in my online activity, I’ll let you in on a short list of some of the other things I’ve been working on (And just haven’t finished enough to warrant a blog post). Right now I’m working on: sharpie art, dot mandalas, mandala rocks, several crochet patterns including a posable doll form, festival backpack, and more mandalas, plus a bag made from an oil painting, and not to mention an actual fantasy novel. But a girl’s gotta go to work and do all the boring stuff of life too, so I’m just hoping to crank things out in a somewhat timely manner.

Let me know what you think, and what sort of pattern sets you’d like to see about mandala purses!


4 thoughts on “Earth Mandala Crochet Bag

    1. Thank you! I thought earth would be an easy place to start. I’m even bookmarking surface crochet techniques to come up with stitch ideas. Definitely going to keep me entertained for a while!


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