10 Things to Crochet with Mini Skeins!


10 Things to Crochet with Mini Skeins of Any Weight!

Part of my hand dyed yarn journey has led to a discovery that I’m WAY late to the party on: Mini skeins! But as I was practicing my colorways on these little skeins, I quickly ended up with a few lovely mini’s that I didn’t know what to do with. So I went looking for patterns, and I’m going to try to stick to things that are simply and possible with any weight of yarn. Fingering weight, sock weight, DK, worsted weight, it shouldn’t matter. Here are some crochet patterns for mini skeins of all sizes! (Well, if not patterns, at least ideas for mini skeins).

1: Adorable Pastelito Necklace by DIYReal!


This pattern uses yarn and jump rings to make individual “beads” which you can thread over a ribbon. Imagine how cute it’d look with a gradient! Check out the instructions here!

2: Beautiful necklaces with wooden beads and flowers by My Own Universe


Crochet over wooden beads and add details like flowers to make all sorts of accessories. Check out the patterns available here!

3. These crochet bracelets from Wilmade.com


An excellent choice for beginners who want to create elegant jewelry. Isn’t it amazing what a proper bit of hardware can do? Check out the instructions here!

4. DIY Tassel Charms by Damask Love


Love the extra detail atop these cute tassels! Sometimes yarn is just pretty enough on its own, or you can use complimentary mini skeins to add a tassel to other patterns. Check out the instructions here!

5. This free headband pattern from My Hobby is Crochet


Ok so I know I said all yarn sizes would be included, but I just love the idea of using a hair tie to make a headband stretchy. Use any stitch you like, or use the free pattern that you can find here.

6. Spokes Crochet Cuff by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark


I can personally vouch for this pattern as being my favorite crochet cuff ever! Check out the free pattern here!

7. Super simple crocodile stitch necklace


I’ve also made this necklace before just by eyeballing it. Sorry, no pattern link, since it appears the original website is no longer active. But it really is as simple as just doing a normal crocodile stitch and increasing as you go up a row. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; hardware makes all the difference!

8. Puff Ladder Stitch Bohemian Necklaces by Little Treasures


Seriously stunning, and I love that you can use as many different yarn skeins as you want! I’d LOVE to alternate varigated yarns and solid matching colors. Check out the full instructions here!

9. Cute pom pom craft by Pleated Poppy


Again, I know, not technically crochet. But think of all the things that need pom poms! Btw, pom pom makers are the bomb. See her inspiring room design using these cuties here.

10. Gummy Bears by Twinkie Chan


I mean, do I even have to say anything else? THEY’RE SO CUTE. And the pattern is free on Twinkie Chan’s Ravelry page.

So there we go! Lots of things to do with mini skeins! 

If you need some yarn, be sure to check out my Etsy shop 😉 


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