Important Announcement: NEW WEBSITE!

Super extra very important message today for everyone who enjoys my content! This website will NO LONGER BE UPDATED! Knotty Magpie now has a new website, a new blog, galleries, and oh so much more! If you want to continue following, you'll have to navigate to the new page and subscribe there. Here is the … Continue reading Important Announcement: NEW WEBSITE!


Blue Dip Dyed Handwoven, and Reworked Magenta

Shipped off a custom order this morning of an ombre blue dip dyed handwoven scarf. I also redid the grey and magenta one from before, with a finished, braided fringe, and more intense colors. I love how the magenta looks watercolored because of the differing dye times. let me know what you think! These are … Continue reading Blue Dip Dyed Handwoven, and Reworked Magenta

Hand Dyed Yarn – “Lively Piling”

Definitely my favorite colorway to date!! Another addition to the Oceanic collection, I based these colors off the sea greens and teals of the ocean, beside the coral colors of sea stars and anemones. If you've ever lived near the beach, you can probably remember checking out the sea stars attached to the pilings of … Continue reading Hand Dyed Yarn – “Lively Piling”