10 Things to Crochet with Mini Skeins!

  10 Things to Crochet with Mini Skeins of Any Weight! Part of my hand dyed yarn journey has led to a discovery that I'm WAY late to the party on: Mini skeins! But as I was practicing my colorways on these little skeins, I quickly ended up with a few lovely mini's that I … Continue reading 10 Things to Crochet with Mini Skeins!


Crochet Painting: Japanese Ramen Bowl

This is probably my favorite thing I've ever made. The idea is you take an image, then use crochet to recreate it two dimensionally, like a painting. Yarn painting can be done without crochet, but what fun is that? There are different methods, for example you might make a yarn painting as one continuous piece … Continue reading Crochet Painting: Japanese Ramen Bowl

~Crocheted Bags with Vintage Doilies~

Doilies are beautiful, and the amount of work and fine craftsmanship that goes into making one is downright impressive to anyone who appreciates fiber art. But all too often, once finished, we ask ourselves "What do I do with this thing?" Well, this is one of my favorite crochet projects of all time. It's simple once you … Continue reading ~Crocheted Bags with Vintage Doilies~