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Earth Mandala Crochet Bag

Just finished this Earth tones mandala purse, totally free handed! I have lots of plans for more mandala projects.

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Book Full of Flowers

I was inspired by this post by Prunier (which also includes a nifty how-to diagram) to make these cute little arrangements! They were much easier than I thought, although I used artificial flowers in my arrangement. I work at Michaels and I have these out on our Mother’s Day display (along with some other fabulous pink things).… Continue reading Book Full of Flowers

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Remembrance Floral Arrangements April 6th

Spent the last two days making a lot of artificial floral remembrance pieces. Ground pick arrangements, floral grave saddles, etc. Easter seems to be the season for leaving nice flowers for loved ones. These two are some cemetery cones made with pink lilies and Easter picks. Pardon my arm being in the pics, I couldn’t… Continue reading Remembrance Floral Arrangements April 6th

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Hand Painted Heraldry Glasses

Quite a few of my interests over the years have involved custom heraldry, from D&D characters and fictional families, to the SCA kingdoms, to history in general. Heraldic symbols have distinct meanings, and each family crest tells you something about a family’s history. In fictional settings, the Coat of Arms that a character or a… Continue reading Hand Painted Heraldry Glasses


KM On Pinterest!

Just posting to let you guys know that Knotty Magpie now has an official Pinterest! Be sure to follow for more craft, crochet, and DIY inspiration! Still in the process of moving stuff from my personal to the blog account so things are a little bare, but it’ll fill out before you know it ❤