How to Cook (The Easiest, Real, Basic Essentials)

I know cooking is overwhelming. If you’re new to it, it’s easy to brush off and say “I’ll never be a ‘cook’.” But there are some very simple common sense guidelines I believe every single person should know, and it may be the difference between life and death for your health habits. This isn’t for fitness gurus, it isn’t for homemakers, it’s for everyone. College kids, adults who weren’t taught, even adults who still don’t fully understand their kitchen. These are the basics, the necessary essentials, that will hopefully make cooking a practical and approachable topic.

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Why “Funny” is Not a Character Trait

Character creation is my favorite part of any type of writing. Novel, short story, or role playing, characters are always the entire reason I read or write. Plot is ok, setting makes a huge difference, and you have to have a good theme, but we fall in love with characters. But something has often bothered… Continue reading Why “Funny” is Not a Character Trait

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Hand Painted Heraldry Glasses

Quite a few of my interests over the years have involved custom heraldry, from D&D characters and fictional families, to the SCA kingdoms, to history in general. Heraldic symbols have distinct meanings, and each family crest tells you something about a family’s history. In fictional settings, the Coat of Arms that a character or a… Continue reading Hand Painted Heraldry Glasses