Floral Arrangements

Floral Arrangements April 4th (Spring Wreaths!)

Today’s batch of arrangements was made to fill our handmade wreath wall. The first four are spring, the last is just “classic” meaning year round. Yellow lillies, ranunculas, and a bush of random spring flowers make this asymmetrical wreath. This very floral wreath was made from a spring base with little pink flowers, as well… Continue reading Floral Arrangements April 4th (Spring Wreaths!)

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Upcycled Sweater Blanket (by someone who sucks at sewing)

I’ll openly admit it, I’m terrible with a sewing machine. Something between my poor measurements, lack of practice, impatience for pinning, and the pure intimidation I feel toward actually cutting fabric, somehow my projects just don’t turn out right! But I’m glad to say that, at least in the eyes of this novice, my sweater blanket turned out pretty cute. So for my layman’s tutorial, as well as a link to a much better tutorial, come check it out!

Crafting and Hobbies · Thrifting and Upcycling

How to Melt Down Old Candles into Vintage Glasses

In this tutorial I’ve used the wax from three old candles and a set of thrifted glassware to create some new, vintage-inspired candles! Never throw out your old candles again! I go over how to remove sticker residue from glassware, how to melt down wax, and all the steps necessary to get your own project going. And the finished result is gorgeous!

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Hand Woven Cotton Towels!

So call it weird, but I’ve been super excited ever since I got a loom by the idea of making tea towels. Not even decorative or fine towels, just cotton towels. I love feeling connected to home goods, like using handmade or specially collected pieces. Anyway, if anyone else is particularly excited by little towels,… Continue reading Hand Woven Cotton Towels!