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How to Reuse and Redesign Glass Bottles

Save money on to-go drinks and lessen your environmental waste by reusing glass tea bottles! I’ll show you how to remove labels and adhesive residue, and how to make super cute bottles you’ll want to reuse again and again. Never throw out glass bottles or waste money on on-the-go drinks again!

Crafting and Hobbies · Thrifting and Upcycling

How to Melt Down Old Candles into Vintage Glasses

In this tutorial I’ve used the wax from three old candles and a set of thrifted glassware to create some new, vintage-inspired candles! Never throw out your old candles again! I go over how to remove sticker residue from glassware, how to melt down wax, and all the steps necessary to get your own project going. And the finished result is gorgeous!

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~Crocheted Bags with Vintage Doilies~

Doilies are beautiful, and the amount of work and fine craftsmanship that goes into making one is downright impressive to anyone who appreciates fiber art. But all too often, once finished, we ask ourselves “What do I do with this thing?” Well, this is one of my favorite crochet projects of all time. It’s simple once you… Continue reading ~Crocheted Bags with Vintage Doilies~